The sheet on the Cow Milk Market of Campo das Vertentes – InfoVer – arose from a demand of dairy bovinocultores the above region with teachers of the Federal University of São João del Rei (UFSJ) that make up the representative group of partners LEITE DE VACA project and working with a sustainable agricultural development proposed for the middle region Campo das Vertentes. Therefore, the proposal of InfoVer is to support the strengthening and development of the productive chain of dairy cattle. Serving as a tool for decision-making of all the agents involved in this activity and other interested parties; provide information to improve the management of rural property aimed at greater efficiency by achieving great results given scarce resources; advise on the care of the animals and the best management techniques and etc. A long-term vision, the group plans to expand operations results for the horticultural becoming thus the InfoVer in a reference to the agents of the agribusiness Campo das Vertentes. For that was created a team of students of economics, technical and administrative UFSJ teachers around the NEPE – Studies and Economic Research, Department of Economic Sciences of UFSJ – DCECO / UFSJ. Contributing to local and regional socio-economic development (Campo das Vertentes) and stimulate greater interaction between the Faculty of Economics of UFSJ and society, making each public institution of roles which is the transformation of society.

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