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Daily information about the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in Brazil's states




A data.frame object


Ministerio da Saude - Sistema Unico de Saude (SUS) website


load the database for the current environment


The dataset contains the daily summary of the Coronavirus pandemic cases in Brazil's states. The data includes the following fields:

* region - String. Indicates to which region the state belongs

* state - String. Acronym (abbreviation) for state name

* coduf - Numeric. Number that identifies the state

* date - Date. Ocurrence notification date

* epidWeek - Numeric. Epidemiological week of ocurrence by notification date

* population - Numeric. Population of the size, of each state, on the date of notification of the ocurrence

* accumCases - Numeric. Cumulative cases of COVID-19 by notification date

* newCases - Numeric. Number of new COVID-19 cases by notification date

* accumDeaths - Numeric. Accumulated COVID-19 deaths by notification date

* newDeaths - Numeric. Number of new COVID-19 deaths by notification date


data (brazil_state)